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Roland MC-8 MicroComposer Unboxing & Demo

I just bought this old beast on eBay. Since it came complete in the original box in essentially unused condition, I thought I’d make an unboxing video. After spending an hour or so getting familiar with its arcane operating system, I made a quick programming demo. A couple revisions to points made in the video:

1) you don’t need to hit “time base” just before “tempo.” you just need to make sure you set the time base just before the tempo, otherwise the MC-8 thinks you want to start programming dynamic tempo changes.

2) you don’t need to hit “meas end” after entering step time and gate time data.

A bit of extra info since I didn’t explain it clearly in the video: the time base is basically the resolution of a quarter note. Most sequencers either have this set in stone, or you can choose between 2 or 3 different resolutions (ie 24, 48, etc). On the MC-8, you have to program this number, which can be anything from 4 to 255. You then use this number as a reference for determining the step/gate times for all the other note durations (ie at time base 32, an 1/8th note is 16, a 16/th note is 8, etc).


January 22, 2010 - Posted by | Tutorials, Videos

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