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Roland MC-8 Sequencer Demo Song – ODD RHYTHMS

This is one of the demo programs supplied in a supplement to the Roland MC-8 manual. It’s a piece called “Odd Rhythms,” written by the “godfather” of the MC-8, Ralph Dyck. I decided to spend a couple of hours punching this thing in to see what it sounds like. The lead, bass and chords are playing back on a Roland SH-101 (overdubbed via the MC-8’s tape sync one monophonic line at a time), and the cymbal and conga are playing back on a SCI Pro-One. For the cymbal, I had to use VCF accents instead of the VCA accents the score calls for, because the Pro-One doesn’t have a CV in for the VCA. I didn’t spend much time on the sounds or on the mix, so it is what it is. But as you can see, you can get as musically complex as you want with the MC-8.

Here’s an mp3 of just the music:

Here’s an excerpt from Ralph’s recording of his 1974 piece that that “Odd Rhythms” was based on, called “The Babylonians:”

And here’s an mp3 of the MC-8 data for this piece for those of you who have an MC-8 to load it into:


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