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User Manual for Ralph Dyck’s Home-Brew Digital Sequencer V2

Ralph Dyck very generously scanned this user’s manual for version 2 of his home-brew sequencer. It’s surprising that such a formal document exists for a one-off machine, but perhaps it was intended for the Roland engineers to understand its workings. Unfortunately this sequencer no longer exists, but this manual offers a great insight into the design that evolved into the MC-8. It’s interesting to compare this manual with the official MC-8 manual. All material on this page is copyright Ralph Dyck, and is offered here exclusively for historical purposes.


January 26, 2010 - Posted by | Images, Technical

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  1. […] the full melody, it just flowed out of me. This is 1975 at Little Mountain Sound and I was using Sequencer #2, handmade. I used a lot of arpeggios with a flute-like sound because I didn’t have a good […]

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