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Ralph Dyck, Roger Linn & FSK Sync

Ralph recently shared this bit of information with me:

To make our systems compatible sync wise I showed Roger Linn how the FSK worked which he implemented in the LM-1 drum machine. I wound up using the LM-1 for an album with Paul Horn called Jupiter 8. I used the MC-4 and JP-8 for that album.

This definitely answers a question I had about how the MC-8 & LM-1 were synchronized on Human League’s “Dare!” album! I’ve been in touch with Martin Rushent, and will hopefully feature an interview with him here soon!

In the meantime, Ralph sent along a couple more mp3’s with this explanation:

In the early ’80s Roland US had a studio on La Cienega Blvd which I put together, it had an MC-4 and System 100 and a Teac multi-track. I did demos for Roland for the AES shows etc, I ‘m attaching two recordings that I did where Roger Linn provided the drums and guitar as well. These are really good examples of synchronization  of the  two systems.


February 1, 2010 - Posted by | Music, Technical

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